The“Women in Tech” movement is full of victim blaming

From author Sarah Nadav

“All the data that we have shows that he is right about this. Diverse teams do better- that includes race and gender. Investors need to put their money in teams that will do better. All investors should be actively seeking out and funding diverse teams because that is what’s best for their portfolios- not because it will help women in tech. They should do this even if it feels uncomfortable or forced, because they need to do things differently than they are used to and that is always hard. They need to fix themselves and not expect women to do all the heavy lifting.

As “women in tech” we need to do better at owning this narrative and communicating that ignoring or under-funding women and diverse teams represents a failure of VCs. It should be bad signaling to their investors. That creating toxic environments that women leave is the sign of a company that won’t be competitive in the future.”

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