STEM champion looks to help girls of color

January 28, 2016 0

The National Center for Women and Information Technology shows Black and Latina women make up only 1 to 3 percent of the computing workforce. Dr. Kimberly Scott is associate professor in the Women and Gender Studies Department […]

What does it mean to be beautiful?

January 17, 2016 0

In a project titled “Before and After”, Esther Honig sparked a global conversation on beauty ideals. The results were both positive and negative, and may have left more questions than it answered. Recorded at TEDxVancouver […]

Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem is Not a Myth

January 8, 2016 0

Many tech industry leaders are actively seeking to add diversity to their companies because they are compelled by the data that diversity will give them a competitive advantage. Research shows that diverse teams are more creative, enhance […]

It’s Not Foot in Mouth Disease

January 8, 2016 0

“When asked about Sequoia’s lack of women, he said they were looking, but “What we’re not prepared to do is lower our standards.” Now, no one had asked, “Are you willing to lower your standards?” […]