Resources and programs in the Kansas City area that would help students learn more about STEM.

    • Kauffman lab coding classes: draw on the best of the Kauffman Foundation’s programs that supported a wave of entrepreneurial activity and understanding, and promises a new set of major innovations designed to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.The concept for Kauffman Labs evolved over many years as we studied, funded, and delivered entrepreneurship programs.
    • Girl Develop it! Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don’t be shy. Develop it.
    • KC STEM Allience: A collaborative network of educators, business partners and affiliates that inspires interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers to generate a robust force of related professionals for our community.
    • Athena League: serves as a catalyst to foster and empower early-stage and established female entrepreneurs by providing them with the community and support necessary to succeed.
    • Seeing Yourself in Science: A program that works with school districts, colleges, non-profits, companies, and families. The program helps cultivate and prepare the talent needed for college and career opportunities related to STEM.
    • Frontier STEM High School: Charter schools are nonsectarian, secular public schools of choice that provide parents an alternative to traditional public schools.
    • Kode With Klossy: An initiative that works on teaching girls how to code and increase women in Technology.
    • WISTEMM – Central Exchange: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.
    • STEM Premier: where students could find everything they need to connect to the right opportunities for their future that match their unique skills, talents, and abilities.