Affordable Computers Are Available to Everyone

This Company Is Challenging Apple’s Design Empire With A $129 Computer

he Mission Mini and the Mission One computers, both recently released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, are two unadorned white and bamboo boxes, each about the size of a wireless router. The computers have one USB port in the front, a couple of places to connect cables in the back, some perforations for cooling on the top or side—and that’s about it. They’re clean, simple, and unassuming—so much so that you might choose to display one on your desk instead of shoving into some dark corner.

They also cost $129 and $249 respectively.

The two computers are part of a new line by Endless, a startup in San Francisco that launched five years ago with a mission of making computers and operating systems affordable enough for everyone.

It’s the latest iteration of the company’s early computer, the Endless Mini, a spherical PC made of shiny plastic that was purpose-designed for people in developing countries and looks vaguely like an oversized Tamagotchi. The Endless Mini sells for $79—that’s just the computer; no monitor or keyboard—making it accessible to those for whom a computer has never been financially within reach before.


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